Hosted Services and IT Solutions From Business Computer Associates

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It's been said that it costs money to make money. There's a catch, though. Spending money in the wrong way could end up being a waste that most business owners can't afford. It's important to spend wisely or the money spent will be gone forever, along with the opportunity that investment should have created. This is why business owners need to avoid investing in their own servers and software. The average business computer solution costs tens of thousands of dollars. On top of that investment, there is the cost of staff members needed to maintain the system. This could represent an annual cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even though the system will most likely provide a huge boost to productivity and cut costs, the return on investment may not be enough to cover the full cost of the system and IT Support staff members.

Hosted solutions are much more cost-effective than outright purchasing hardware and software. These services can include a wide range of solutions that could prove critical to any business. The service provider owns the servers, so business owners won't have to invest in expensive hardware. The service provider will be responsible for server maintenance and upgrades, so additional staff members won't be needed. Service providers such as Business Computer Associates include maintenance and other upkeep services in the monthly rate.

Managed services will eliminate much of the cost associated with computing solutions for businesses. Inventory tools make it easy to track what's on hand and even order more materials when they are needed. VoIP solutions can be included in the service for an additional fee. Cloud storage will allow business owners to backup critical and confidential data in a safe and reliable way. If disaster strikes data can be restored quickly and easily. Backups can be performed on a schedule so the files on the cloud will be the most current versions. Financial tools will lower the cost of labor even more since the accounting department will have to do less work. Overall, hosted IT solutions could be the best investment possible for any business, large or small.



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